Americans Want Higher Fuel Tax

June 11, 2014 Taxation in USA

Fuel taxes in the USAWASHINGTON D.C. – Many Americans are willing to pay up to twice as much tax on fuel as they currently do, if the extra expense will help improve the conditions of the country’s transport infrastructure.

On June 10th the American Automobile Association released a statement with the results of a new survey of taxpayers’ opinions on a proposal to hike federal fuel taxes by USD 0.12 per gallon, showing that a substantial portion of American would support such an increase if the money was used to improve roads and transport infrastructure.

According to the newly issued statement, approximately 51 percent of the respondents to the survey claimed that they would be willing to pay more for fuel if the extra tax revenues were used on “…nation’s roads, bridges and mass transit systems”.

Currently the average US taxpayer pays a total approximately USD 8 per month in federal fuel taxes, but according to the survey results, nearly 21 percent of individuals would be willing to pay more than USD 10 extra per month, while 32 percent of respondents claimed they would be happy to pay up to USD 10 per month.

In the statement the experts of the AAA specifically pointed out that an increase in fuel taxes may ultimately save money for motorists, as an improvement in roading conditions could help drivers save as much as USD 328 per year in vehicle repairs and operating costs.

Photo by: thefixer