Pakistan to Fire Crooked Tax Officials

November 13, 2013 Taxation In AsiaTaxation in Pakistan

PakistanISLAMABAD – Bribery and corruption among tax officials in Pakistan will no longer be tolerated, and a new program has been launched to flush out dishonest tax workers who facilitate tax evasion.

In an effort to reduce the Pakistan’s infamously high levels of tax evasion, the Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan announced on November 11th that it will immediately launch a new program to punish any tax officials involved in corrupt practices or bribery.

The task of uncovering evidence of the bribery has been given to tax inspectors already working for the FBR, as they are deemed to have the necessary skills and expertise to determine whether any illicit activity has been taken place.

The investigations will be conducted over the course of November, with any discovered offenders being suspended by the end of the month.

The investigations are aimed at showing the public that complying with tax obligations is not optional, and that tax authorities will not tolerate any instance of tax evasion.

Pakistan currently has one of the highest rates of tax evasion in the world, and so far this year only 280 of the country’s 62 000 companies have filed taxes, while only 53 000 of the country’s 3 million registered individual taxpayers have filed their taxes.

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