Whistleblower Sells Tax Info to Germany

April 17, 2013 Taxation in GermanyTaxation in Switzerland

CDMAINZ – Tax authorities in Germany has once again taken the controversial step of purchasing information from a whistleblower to be used as an extra tool in its fight against tax evasion.

The homes of more than 200 alleged tax evaders in Germany have recently been raided by tax authorities after new evidence of tax crimes was detailed by a whistleblower, according to a statement made by  the finance minister of the German state Rhineland-Palatinate Carsten Kuehl on April 16th.

The Minister explained that the state paid approximately EUR 4 million for a for a CD containing “authentic and excellent quality” information on over 10 000 clients of Swiss banks.

The identity of the whistleblower was not revealed, and no information was provided on how much of the data directly revolved around German taxpayers or the names of the banks which are directly involved.

According to the Minister, if the data is used in full, Germany can expect to recover up to an extra EUR 500 million in previously unpaid taxes, penalties and fines.

Aside from the 200 raids which have already been conducted, approximately 4 000 more cases of tax investigations have also been launched into the affairs of taxpayers directly named in the contents of the disc.

Photo by DeclanTM