Santa Also Pays Taxes

December 26, 2012 Taxation in Ukraine

ChristmasKIEV – Actors and performers in Ukraine are under the scrutiny of the country’s tax authorities,  and have been warned to pay their taxes.

Only one day after Christmas the State Tax Service of Ukraine issued a statement reminding all self-employed actors playing the part of Santa, known locally as Did Moroz, to ensure that they meet their tax obligations on any money earned during the holiday season.

According to the statement, investigators at the Service have already poured through online advertisements from actors who offer holiday performances as Did Moroz, noting the large number of actors and their pay scales, saying that a Santa may earn up to UAH 3 500 for a single performance.

In an effort to encourage greater tax compliance amongst the holiday actors, the Service also called upon taxpayers to submit anonymous information regarding any tax evasion or unreported incomes earned over the holiday season.

The push towards greater tax compliance and improved tax collections is part of the government’s efforts to tackle the country’s staggering debts and looming budgetary shortfalls, with the country’s new Cabinet, which was appointed on Christmas Eve, stating that “…economic growth is the main task of the new government. It will ensure the growth of social standards.”

Photo by stefuhnee_kayy