Brits Spent Christmas Filing Tax Returns

December 28, 2012 Taxation in UK

Tax on ChristmasLONDON – In the UK over 20 000 people spent the holiday season completing and filing their tax returns.

In the wake of the Christmas festivities the HM Revenue and Customs released a statement on December 27th revealing that this year it has experienced an increase in the number of tax returns filed on Christmas day and throughout the rest of the holiday season.

According to the HMRC, in 2012 nearly 1 550 taxpayers decided to spend Christmas day preparing and submitting their tax returns online, while in 2011 only 1 100 returns were filed on December 25th.

The number of taxpayers who filed their tax returns on Christmas Eve also rose compared to last year, increasing from 4 115 in 2011 to 14 330 this year, with nearly 73 percent of all filers submitting their returns within an hour of midnight.

Boxing day was also a popular time to submit tax returns, with 4 685 taxpayers using the day to meet their filing obligations, compared to 3 512 people in 2011.

The surge of filings has been attributed to the HMRC’s new push to encourage taxpayers to submit their returns by the end of January or face steep penalties.

Photo by la fattina