Italians Turn to the Internet to Fight Tax Evaders

January 15, 2012 Taxation in Italy

Internet TaxROME – While the government of Italy struggles to cut down the occurrence of tax evasion, some responsible Italian taxpayers have come forward with new online initiatives to help people fight the widespread practice of tax dodging.

The new push against tax evasion in Italy is being facilitated by a number of online projects and social media sites which are allowing Italian taxpayers to collate details of tax evaders.

One of the new sites combines individually submitted reports of tax evasion, and creates a real-time “tax evasion map”. As at January 16th the site had over 18 180 submitted reports from over 10 000 users, with a cumulative amount of evasion estimated to be EUR 2.78 million. Some similar websites are attempting to actively shame tax evaders into meeting their obligations by publishing their name, address and other personal details.

Other online tools have been launched to submit details of trusted businesses, which the users believe do not evade their obligations and issue official receipts with all purchases. The site’s creators hope that such tools will discourage business owners from hiding their incomes.

The new sites come at a time when the national media in Italy is reporting a growing sense of public anger at the country’s widespread levels of tax evasion, as low and middle income workers are asked to face more austerity measures, while some individuals continue to neglect their tax obligations.

Photo by ljfullofgrace