Australian Taxpayers Profiled By Tax Office

June 23, 2011 Taxation in Australia

Australian TaxThe Australian government has published an innovative new tax information project, where national tax return data was used to characterize and present the makeup of Australian taxpayers.

The 100 People project used data acquired from all of the 12.3 million personal income tax returns filed in the 2009 income year. It is intended that the presented data will allow a greater insight into Australian taxpayers, in an easy to understand format.

Approximately 52 percent of all taxpayers were male. Geographically, Australians were concentrated across three key regions, with 77 percent of all taxpayers residing in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. Nearly 33 percent of Australian taxpayers were classified as being part of “generation X”, with 30 percent regarded as “baby boomers”, while 21 percent were “generation Y”, and 16 percent were seen as “generation Z” or “seniors”.

According to conclusions drawn in the 100 People project, nearly 71 percent of Australian taxpayers opted to use a tax agent to complete and submit their tax returns, with 19 percent utilizing electronic filing, and only 10 percent completing their own return and submitting it on paper. Approximately thirty eight percent claimed deductions on donations that they had made to charities. Only four percent declared any capital gains.

Only 8 percent of Australians reported owning their own business, with 2 percent reporting a loss, and 6 percent claiming to have made a profit. Nearly 65 percent of all employed taxpayers reported to have had work-related expenses, with over a third saying that these were in excess of AUD 1 000. Thirty eight percent of all Australians reported to be “white collar workers”, while 24 percent were blue collar workers.

Photo by DIAC Images